Janine and the Mixtape aktuell med ny musik – lyssna på “XX EP”



För två år sedan denuterade Janine med Ep:n “Dark Mind”. Nu är den unga sångerskan tillbaka med ett nytt musikprojekt betitlad “XXEP”. Till The FADER sa Janine följande om låtarna från sitt nya projekt:


“The ins and outs of relationships—some we think of everyday, some we will forget until they pop up on a timeline somewhere. Exes of many things, home, people, and the people who were once home. The transition from hurt, anger, and regret to finding peace. Knowing that some people are meant to be visitors. You learn from everyone and everything. That’s beautiful. I dedicate this to everyone who has touched my heart, whether they left it warm, or scratched. This is about the people I have learned from and my gratitude to the development they [inspired].”




Streama Janine and the Mixtapes nya Ep här:




Håll koll på Janines musik via hennes officiella hemsida:


//Diana Escobar


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