Iron African samlar sina bästa skapelser genom åren på “Memories”-samlingar



Andrew “Iron African” Naggenda har under 25 års tid varit i högsta grad närvarande på den svenska hiphopscenen. I år är det hela tjugo år sedan han släppte debutsingeln “Stockholm Staal” (då under MC-aliaset Growin Pains). Under årens lopp har han spelat in mängder med album, EP:s och singlar via olika projekt. I slutet av maj släppte Stockholm-rapparen den första volymen av sina bästa samlade verk genom årens lopp. På Instagram skriver han:



My name is Andrew Iron African and i am a rapper and producer living in Stockholm, Sweden. Originally from Uganda i fell in love with Hip Hop in the late 80s and come the mid 90s i was writing and producing my own music. Memories Part 1 and 2 is a compilation of some of my best work throughout the years. The compilation is out on Spotify etc. but i would love to spread it on the true medium of the golden era of Hip Hop. I want the people who like my stuff to have this limited vinyl 500 copies at a really good price and what better way to make that happen than through crowd funding. That way everyone that donates gets a copy assuming that 500 or less people donate the whole amount. Actually if less than 500 people donate the whole amount i maybe get to keep a couple of copies to myself. It would be crazy if that happened. So please donate something and find out how this Ugandan kid became nice with the mic and beats. Thank You. ❗️Hit the bio for link to crowd fund campaign❗️ ✏️Graphic art by @mikeypromo ?#memoriespart1 #andrew #andrewironafrican #hiphophead #rapmusic #beatmaking #beatlife #beatmaker #andrew #boombap #90s #cleanmoneygang #gogetfunding #vinyl #vinylcollector #vinyladdict #vinylporn

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