Ice Cube listar de bästa disslåtarna någonsin

“That song was like a bowling ball.”



Ice Cube satt nyligen ner med Rob Markman för Genius programserie “For The Record”. Väl där pratade han om det nya efterlängtade albumet “Everythangs Corrupt” och förklarade varför han aldrig är rädd att säga vad han tycker.


“You can’t be a safe rapper. You gotta tell it how it is. My records, nobody’s exempt. Nobody gets a free pass on my records. I’m probably gonna talk about something you don’t want to hear and you probably ain’t gonna like how I put it.


“But it’s gonna be real and it’s not going to be done to do nothing but help you pass that moment, help you through it. Or highlight that you fuckin’ up. I’ve always been like that. To be able to cut through the bullshit.”


Konversationen glider sedan in på disslåtar, vilket får Cube att minnas sin egen N.W.A-diss “No Vaseline”.


“That song was like a bowling ball. Just knocked everything down out the way. What am I gonna say? What the fuck am I gonna say? But it’s been some great diss tracks, but I just feel like time, space, place, it was right. I think it’s really timing that makes the battle. Where are the groups in their career and how hot are they at the time they go at it.”


Han ger sen sina egna favoriter när det kommer till disslåtar och nämner utöver “No Vaseline” – 2Pacs “Hit Em’ Up”, LL Cool Js “Rock The Bells” och Kool Moe Dees svar “Let’s Go”.


“Some of my favorites is the original ‘Rock The Bells,’ ‘Let’s Go’ with LL and Kool Moe Dee,” he says. “‘Let’s Go’ is crazy, too. ‘Jack The Ripper,’ great record. Then you got disses like Nas and Jay [‘Ether’ and ‘Takeover’], that’s just crazy. Tupac, Biggie going back at it. ‘Hit Em Up’ was crazy.”


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