GRIP tar hjälp av Eminem och Royce Da 5’9” på Shady Records-debuten “I Died for This!?”



Atlanta-rapparen GRIP signade nyligen till Eminems Shady Records och släpper i dag sin debut på skivbolaget. Albumet består av 17 spår och gästas av Eminem, Royce da 5’9”, Dead Cassettes, Tate228, Big Rube Ahyes, Kaynellz, Kenny Mason och Wiley from Atlanta. I en intervju med Twenty Infinity beskrev GRIP i somras hur han kom att signa för Shady Records:


“This was like fucking last year, we got approached by Paul Rosenberg. He had heard the music through the homie Mike and was just like, ‘Yo.’ Played it for Em and Em was just like, ‘Yo, who the fuck is this? Let’s see what’s up.’ I talked to him a few times and shit. You know all the legal shit, that takes a long time. It was real hard to keep the cat in the bag. I don’t even think I told family members and shit like that. We all knew but it was just like, ‘I’m finna do this,’ then if shit falls through it’s like, ‘Damn n-gga, I thought you was gonna do that.’”


GRIP förklarade vidare:


“We started working on a new album and was just like, ‘Fuck it, we gonna just keep working until everything figures itself out.’ Pretty much wrapped the album up and everything came and signed a deal. Met the man… cool muthafucka.”









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