Future aktuell med nytt album – gästas av Travis Scott, Young Thug och Drake



Ryktena stämde och nu står det klart: Future släpper sitt åttonde album “High Off Life” denna fredag. Skivan består av 21 spår som gästas av namn som Drake, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, DaBaby, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Meek Mill med flera. “High Off Life” blir uppföljaren till 2019 års “The Wizrd”, är exekutivt producerat av DJ Esco. Future själv beskriver projektet:


“This album right here defines me at a creative level. Going to the next level where you just going to the next level and always going outside the box, but still remaining true to my core fans and my core audience. It’s me trying new things. I want to remain true to self, but also true to my fans and just giving them a good project, a great project to be able to listen to, but also for different artists to be able to feed off of, create off of, come up with different ideas and just being at the forefront of just making a solid album, a solid, complete album. It’s just very important to me.”



Basketpselaren Lonzo Ball breakade nyheten om skivans låtlista och är sedan tidigare ett stort fan av Future och har honom som en av sina fem favoritrappare. Han har även påstått att Future har fler klassiker än Nas.


“I got no problem with Nas. I think he’s good, you know … He’s obviously a legend, but I just don’t think his music is like that. I’m not playing it. None of my friends are playing it … But let’s really get into this, how many classic projects does he have? Honestly, ’cause people be saying he’s top five. Future put out nine projects in a row that’s all hits. Dirty Sprite 2 is one of the best albums ever. 56 Nights one of the best mixtapes ever”, sa han i en intervju med BigBoyTV förra året.





Foto: Pressbild / FREEBANDZ