Chicago-rapparen Mick Jenkins har senaste åren levererat flera starka albumprojekt med “The Circus” (2020) och “Elephant In The Room” (2021). På skivan tar han hjälp av några väl valda rappare av högsta kaliber, i form av Freddie Gibbs, JID, Benny the Butcher och Vic Mensa. I en intervju med Okayplayer berättar Jenkins om sin senaste projekt, där han lämnat skivbolaget Cinematic Music Group:

“I think Elephant in the Room was venting. This is cleansing. It’s me after the cleanse. I’m ready to go back in and this [album] is the first thing I have to say. I’m free. I’m out this deal. I’m not making no concept. Fuck a concept. I’m just making good music.”

Han beskriver vidare hur han upplevde sig lurad av skivbolaget i fråga, något som hämmade hans kreativitet:

“You’re in limbo. You’re in the middle of something that you need to fix that you can’t fix. A lot of times people think negative spaces produce great art… It’s so hard for people to find contentment and happiness that people don’t realize how much more powerful that is in stoking a creative flame,” he continued. “I actually operate my best, when I’m happy, when I’m clear-headed. Being exploited and being aware of it is probably one of the worst things that can happen for your creativity. You start making your art to meet the requirements of the exploiter and not to create from the heart.”

Lyssna nedan!

Foto: Bryan Allen Lamb / Press