DJ Premier tar hjälp av Method Man och Redman på remix av Gang Starrs “Bad Name”



Method Man och Redman samarbetar igen, då man nu hoppar på remixen av Gang Starrs albumsingel “Bad Name”. Låten släpptes först i oktober och blev sedan en av låtarna på duons första album på 16 år – “One Of The Best Yet”.


“My plan all along was to include and do special remixes after One of the Best Yet was released and I knew Red & Meth would be perfect for the remix of ‘Bad Name’ and they both really wanted to be a part of this remix for me and Guru. I did a new arrangement and it’s so dope with Red & Meth putting their spin on it”, säger DJ Premier till Rolling Stone.


“Meth is the perfect closer and Redman blacks out. He sounds so happy and it comes thru the speakers.”


På låten rappar Method Man bland annat rader som: “Word to god, if Guru was still here, a lot of you weirdos wouldn’t have a real career/Just wannabe gangsters, but you wouldn’t have Premier”.


Lyssna nedan!









Foto: Press