Detroit-rapparen Red Pill albumaktuell med “Instinctive Drowning”



Detroit-rapparen Red Pill, även medlem i gruppen Ugly Heroes, är idag aktuell med nya albumet “Instinctive Drowning” via Mello Music Group. Skivan är inspelad med Ohio-producenten Ill Poetic och tar med oss på en resa i tankar, känslor och livsöden. Bakgrunden till albumtiteln beskrivs av Red Pill själv:


“The album title doesn’t come from some glib “sad boy” gimmick—it’s an allusion to his unstinting depression and chronic alcoholism. The
saddest stories are usually the most honest and almost no one is more honest than Red Pill. His music is his own atheist confession booth. “Instinctive Drowning” unravels as a litany of fear and loathing: rooted in the worry that his afflictions are genetic. Many others in his close family have suffered their own battles as well. Pill’s own mother passed at 45 from alcohol-related issues. If he ends up next, the album might as well serve as his requiem.”



I samband med albumreleasen släpps även en musikvideo till titelspåret: