Conway The Machine ger ut Shady Records-albumet “God Don’t Make Mistakes”



Under flera års tid har Griselda-rapparen Conway The Machine visat framfötterna, med en rå och avskalad hiphop som står i bjärt kontrast till den kommersiella hiphop som dominerat listorna senaste åren. Redan 2020 gav Conway ut mixtape-projektet “From King To A GOD” och nu kommer det officiella debutalbumet “God Don’t Make Mistakes” via Shady Records.



Albumet gästas av Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Benny The Butcher, Westside Gunn, Jill Scott, T.I. och Beanie Sigel. Produktionen tillhandahålls av The Alchemist, Daringer, Beat Butcha, Bink och J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. I ett pressmeddelande beskrivs bakgrunden till albumet:

“To touch souls, you must first reveal your own, and listening to Conway’s God Don’t Make Mistakes is akin to reading entries in his notes app; vulnerable and reflective; questioning decisions, and wrestling with his own demons and inner-turmoil, while simultaneously celebrating life, love, and loss. It’s an autobiographical window into Conway’s soul; the trails, the obstacles, the tribulations, and the trauma from a shooting that resulted in him being shot in the head, and with it, the debilitating Bells Palsy diagnosis that he has suffered from since, which resulted in him having to re-learn how to speak and completely reinventing the way he would rap. It’s a thoroughly captivating timeline, and one that you can’t help but become immersed in; it’s intimately Conway The Machine; because God Don’t Make Mistakes.”





I en intervju med Complex i höstas avslöjade Conway att 2 Chainz var anledningen till att han samarbetat med både Lil Wayne och Rick Ross.


“I definitely gotta thank my bro 2 Chainz, man. 2 Chainz is a real dude. I got reached out by Wayne’s camp. Like, Mack Maine and them n-ggas reached out, but they told me like, ‘2 Chainz was playing me your shit, bruh. I fuck with your shit.’ But I had never met 2 Chainz or had a conversation with him on the phone or nothing. It’s just ill to know that there’s dudes that still do shit like that”, sa han och fortsatte:


“And shit just hit me like, ‘Yo, let me hit these n-ggas, I got something for you.’ Wayne sent the verse probably that same night or next morning. After that I was like, ‘Send that shit to Rozay,’ just joking around. And Rozay sent that shit back by the next morning the same way. N-ggas look at them n-ggas in high regard when it comes to this music shit and this rap shit, and just everything n-ggas stand for.”


Precis som 2 Chainz gjorde i samband med sitt senaste album har Conway The Machine också besökt L.A. Leakers för en freestyle. Denna gång över Pusha T’s nysläppta “Diet Coke”. Se klippet nedan!





För de svenskar som vill se Griselda-rapparen live har chansen i vår. Men man får ta sig till något av grannländerna, då världsturnén “Love Will Get You Killed” gör stopp i både Oslo och Köpenhamn den 28 mars respektive 2 april 2022.




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