"Each journey begins with a feeling of exploration"

The North Face fortsätter lansera nya kollektioner på temat kring att utforska naturen. I varumärkets nya The North Face Summer Exploration-kampanj är det fokus på plagg som kan vara till hjälp vid camping, hiking eller kanotfärder. The North Face fokuserar på upplevelsen och beskriver målande känslan att uppleva naturens prakt:

“Each time you’ve hiked up to the perfect camp spot, pitched your tent and called it home. Every time you’ve been unable to resist jumping in the lake as you pass by, diving into the perfect refreshment, chilled from head to toe. The stories told and retold with your friends, reminiscing of adventures past, whilst plotting the next. Sunrise coffees brewed on a camp stove and squished snacks eaten at the summit.”

Kollektionen består av praktiska jackor, tröjor, shorts i vattentäta material, samt hikingskor, fiskarmössa och ett tält. I ett pressmeddelande beskrivs kollektionen vidare:

“The colourways reflect nature’s spectrum, and the products offer overall comfort, versatility and packability. The standout item from the collection is the easy-pitch three-person Homestead tent, a domed design, three full doors for easy access and a mesh skylight for stargazing. It’s the perfect companion for everybody from the stalwart explorer to those on their first adventure.”

Den nya “Sumer Exploration”-kollektionen finns nu via www.thenorthface.co.uk