Svenska DRKN presenterar höst/vinter-kollektion för 2017



Det svenska streetwearmärket DRKN grundades 2015 och har basen i Stockholm. I dagarna har märkets höst/vinter-kollektion presenterats. Se nedan!



“Our vision grew out of a collective passion for gaming and computer culture which remains the core inspiration for the brand. To us gaming is one of the most important and fascinating cultural phenomenas of our time. For every collection we aim to build upon that legacy. DRKN encapsulates the balance between the rough and refined, combining high quality fabrics with technical details to ease our everyday adventures.”



Se mer info och webshop via DRKN.com



DRKNs new collection AW17 HORIZON_ now live at DRKN.com Link in bio!

Ett inlägg delat av DRKN® (@drkn_official)