Under höstkanten kommer en lång rad sportspel i nya upplagor, så även golfspelet “PGA TOur 2K23” som anförs av Tiger Woods. Den ikoniska golfspelaren kliver även in som exekutiv producent för spelet och säger i ett pressmeddelande:

“It’s not only great to be back on the cover of a video game, but the Executive Director role makes this a truly unique opportunity. 2K is the perfect partner for me and I am excited to continue impacting the game and culture of golf beyond my play on the PGA TOUR.”

I den första trailern för spelet syns Tiger Woods med rapparen och golfentusiasten ScHoolboy Q. Den sistnämnde har tidigare berättat hur golf kom att bli en av hans största intressen:

“It was a bet. We were in the studio, and my boy started talking crazy. He’s a fashion designer who grew up playing with his dad. He says golf’s too hard for me. Bets me 10 grand that I can’t make a birdie in two years. At this point, the only golfers I’d heard of were Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Arnold Palmer, and him only because of the drink. In less than 10 rounds I made a birdie, sank about a 70-foot putt, and it was over.”

TDE-rapparen berättar vidare för PGA hur golfen hjälpt honom som person:

“Coming from where I come from, the life that I had, I never thought about playing golf. I got into it, and it changed my mental, it let me learn myself as a person. Like, this is why certain things in my life are going bad or certain things are going good, because of the attitude thing. It fixed my attitude in life. It fixed a whole lot of things about me in life.”

Spelet släpps i standardversionen 14 oktober 2022 till flertalet olika spelplattformar, medan “PGA TOUR 2K23 Deluxe Edition” och “PGA TOUR 2K23 Tiger Woods Edition” blir tillgängliga redan 11 oktober 2022.

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