Rapsody släpper nya albumet “Laila’s Wisdom” – gästas av Kendrick Lamar, Anderson .Paak, Black Thought med flera



North Carolina-MC:n Rapsody signade förra året till Roc Nation och följde upp sin medverkan på Kendrick Lamars hyllade “To Pimp A Butterfly” med solo-EP:n “Crown”. I dag släpps nya albumet “Laila’s Wisdom” via 9th Wonders nyskapade JamRoc-etikett där första singeln från projektet var “You Should Know” med gästande Busta Rhymes. På albumet återfinns även gäster som Kendrick Lamar, Anderson .Paak, Black Thought, Lance Skiiwalker, BJ The Chicago Kid, Terrace Martin och Musiq Soulchild med flera. Albumet är exekutivt producerat av 9th Wonder, Young Guru och Terrace Martin.


Redan på torsdagskvällen läckte K-Dot-gästade “Power” med Lance Skiiwalker, där Los Angeles-rapparen återgäldar tidigare tjänster med en monstervers. Se Kendricks vers nedan!



“Let’s talk about Power
Let’s talk about your and ours that made the allowance
Let’s talk about hundred-thousand kids ravin’ and bouncin
Cravin’ and drownin in words the day I pronounced it
Let’s talk about Power
Let’s talk about do’ers and dont’ers
The house I built when I was homeless and sleepin in corner
Sharin’ coronas and black and milds
Donuts in el caminos
Talkin’ loud, Scrappin’ corners
Residue every mornin’
Talk about legacy
Let’s talk about the life of celebrity
Verses integrity
Curse the first one that thirst for necessity
Searching for equity
Verses the earth that birthed us indefinitely
Verse the verse I wrote in jeopardy
Surfin’ the laws of the universe and destiny
Church and a God is the only thing that’s been ‘head
AW! Let’s talk about my power and golden showers
Granted to be on your cameras and store counters
He’s banana’s, competitive, we can dance
Siege the damage, no more fo’ he peed his pants
My second LP had real niggas on POTUS lawn
The seven grammys is at my Grannys and Heaven arms
I’m in Jamaica like “WAH GAWIN” my feet is out
My hair is long and patois coming out my mouth
Me, I go outdoors it’s time to bless up erryuhn’
Rude boy, me, I worry bout it fearless’
I shot niggas then shot movies ten years later
Dear God, why you show me so much favor?
Amongst the haters and wickedness
Deliver this child from evil convictions and friviless
Debates about who’s the prominent emcee of the millennium
And it’s all for the benjamins
And I’m all of yalls nemsis
And I’m all in all happy none of yall can fathom who Kendrick is
The only one that did wrote book of Genesis
Motherfucker, thats Power”