Video – Dida “Make It Happen”

Ny singeln från kommande EP:n “Music For Her To Die To”.



Dida har vi vant oss att se vid sidan om RMH kollegan Adam Tensta samt gruppen St. John´s Dance, släppte i höstas sitt tredje mixtape “A Thousand Nights Without Sleep”. Nu är Dida akutell med kommande EP:n “Music For Her To Die To”. och första singeln släpps idag, “Make It Happen”. Låten är producerad av Addeboy vs. Cliff.

Dida beskriver singeln enligt nedan:


“I learned a new word today. That word was defeatism. Defeatism means self-surrender.

Like when one accepts a loss. This is not that.

Make It Happen is more of an attempt to another attempt.

When you know that it is a bad decision but you want to do it anyway.

Like a tilt at the windmills, sort of.”


Se videon, Dida “Make It Happen”: