Kolla in Göteborgs-rapparen Smokey Rox – “Sloppy Second”



Smokey Rox från Göteborg släppte i oktober en video till spåret “Sloppy Second”. Texten är en öppenhjärtlig beskrivning av hans tankar och känslor, se texten nedan samt lyssna nedan!





Im feelin a bit manic, panic and get frantic
Nothins to my advantege , stranded
Left abonden, Left to settle issues on my own single handed
Im not asking for props motherfucker i demand it
Lost in my emotions, cold hearted and frozen Stuck in class, dozin dirt all over my clothing
I bet you find the whole thing funny
I aint got a single fucking friend that i aint owe money
Mothafuck slow money, Bitch i got NO money
Neva got no show money, Not a single sold buddy
Im doubtin, My self and its constant frustation
I hate this whole nation, And radio stations
and rappers around me, Agents who aint found me
Im already in deep water, why people trynna drown me
Get drunk and get rowdy, Get high and get drowsy


One moe then im outty, Please pass me that owie
My morals are lousy, The past years has been cloudy
but i cant see this fucking rap game go on without me
You love to hate, But you dont know a single thing about me
I got every fucking right to remain cocky, Just watch me


When i was six, I never thaught id be this
another rapper left pissed, still stuck in the mix
given my talent yo i figured id get outta this shit
Took it for granted, Then watched as it devoured me quick
Left me powerless with alot of lugage to hold
Treated loved ones like our climate Fucking random and cold
Swore the day i get old, Id have a wall full of plaqes
A thousand tracks, And be the one of the greatest to rap
Im runnin late, I know that
There aint no way to go back
So Im trynna make up for lost times
and skillz that i lack
This shit is realer then facts
Kick back yo seat and relax
This shits my drug, and your about to watch this artist relapse