Canibus ber om ursäkt för battle-fadäs

Efter förra veckans Notebook-incident försöker han förklara sig…



I slutet av förra veckan kom bilder och videos som visade Canibus under en battle mot Dizaster där han under eventet plockar fram en Notebook för att kolla upp textrader han uppenbarligen tappat bort ur minnesbanken. Reaktionerna lät inte vänta på sig och efter att blogg-världen sagt sitt kom en ursäkt häromdagen som lämnade fler frågetecken än svar…


The day of the battle my memory and mental state wasn’t 100% due to these circumstances. I knew this so I brought my copybook to practice the 30 plus pages of infinite rhymes that I had structured for Dizaster. The stitches in the back of my head were hurting me and my shoulder was killing me but The Ripper doesn’t need medication, he controls pain with his mind. At the event I was very confident with the likes of Supernatural behind me and the guy who’s strong stomach was showing- But to protect him from any abduction I won’t reveal his name- Lets just call him Subject 10. The crowd showed me energy as well and as I delivered my first round I could see in Dizaster’s eyes he was intimidated by the mind with the infinite rhyme. Eventually the traumatic effect I suffered days before caught up to me and I could no longer be as sharp as I needed to be. The fans paid money, as did the KOTD staff, so even though there was nothing left in my mental tank, I reached for what is now the infamous notepad and decided to read my infinite rhymes. Needless to say, the results were underwhelming and it didn’t look right, but now, realizing the actions that preceded the event I’m sure you all understand.


Läs hela ursäkten HÄR och se även hans managers förklaring till händelsen nedan:


To sum up, it is unfortunate that Canibus lost the battle but the fact of the matter is Bis is not not built for that type of forum anymore. We all know Bis is a lyrical monster and his entire catalogue of tracks and albums is proof of that. Vendetta: Battle Royale was the first time since as far back as I can remember that Canibus has availed himself to an actual “battle” of this magnitude and guess what…he lost to a guy who is considered the ‘KOTD Champion’ and only writes battle raps specifically for this arena at an event held in his hometown. Obviously the odds were against us.”


Se hela battlet Canibus vs Dizaster: