Alex Chadwick från 3rd Brillyance albumaktuell med “SOULdope”



Rapparen Alex Chadwick var under början av 2000-talet signad till Rawkus som del av duon 3rd Brillyance när den legendariska skivetiketten nysatsade på nya talanger. Därefter har Chadwick tjänstgjort för amerikanska flygvapnet med bas i Tyskland under flera års tid, men är nu tillbaka i USA och skapar åter musik. Utan skivbolag och ambitioner att slå igenom i snårig skivbransch beskriver Alex sitt nya album “SOULdope” med följande ord:


I am my brand and My brand is me. SOULdope is a good album. I’m not just saying that because i created it. I assure you that there are many elements that most if not All of you can relate to. I thought about recording and releasing more material than i normally do this year. Then i thought….what do i want to be known for and my SOULdope album is my answer. Instead of pumping quantity out in the world, i will focus on positioning SOULdope as a premier hip hop album to whoever i can get to listen to it. My philosophy is this…..”If only 10 people have heard it, that means that there are 10,000 people who HAVEN’T heard it. If you are wondering….I’ve attached it below for your listening pleasure.