Tip on How to Win at Roulette



We all know the game of chance that builds up the most tension as it’s played, but the excitement from winning you get from it is incomparable. When that ball rolls and everyone at the table holds their breath, that’s roulette at its best. The chances of winning at Roulette, however, depend on what you bet on. It can range from around 48.6% all the way down to 2.7% (that’s for European Roulette, the odds for American Roulette are 47.4% down to 2.6%).


It’s always best to keep in mind all the different tips and techniques you could use whenever you go to test your luck at roulette. This article will give you some tips on what to keep in mind whenever you’re about to hit the tables.




Here are 3 Roulette tips you can use to win at Roulette:



  1. 1. Choose the right table to sit on

Roulette tables usually differ from one another, even if at the same casino. Playing roulette on certain tables can be more beneficial than playing on others. The table you choose to start playing on may just determine the amount of winnings you’re going to get. Sitting on a table with a low minimum bet and a high maximum bet would allow you to implement a few roulette strategies like ‘the Martingale’, while sitting on a table with different wager specifications might not let you use the same strategies. If you’re going into a game of roulette with a plan, always make sure the table you’re sitting at allows your plan to succeed.



  1. 2. Always keep the house advantage in mind

In every game of roulette, the odds are skewed to the favor of the casino itself. The odds of winning are always less than 50%, so even if you place equal bets on both black and red, there’s still a chance of the ball landing on 0 which isn’t black or red. The odds are never guaranteed and are always going to favor the casino. With that in mind, always try to sit at European roulette tables, as the odds on those are better than the ones on American tables (percentages given in the beginning of this article).


  1. 3. It’s best to go in there with a strategy

Finding yourself on the table with absolutely no idea what to bet on is one of the best ways to lose the money you came with. Almost everyone who plays roulette shows up with a Roulette strategi that helps them know what to bet on and what to do when they’re either up or down. There are dozens of roulette strategies out there, even James Bond has one. So if you want to feel like agent 007 on the roulette table, you should probably show up with a plan.




You’ve got to know when to leave the table

Whether you’re up on a winning streak or down in the pits of an unlucky run, you’ve got to keep track of the amount of money you’re willing to lose. Before heading to the tables, you have to keep your wallet in mind. Setting a limit of how much you want to make or how much you can afford to lose will help remind you when it’s time to get up and leave. Continuing on the table even after you’ve passed your limits will either lose you the money you’ve earned, or worse, losing all the money you started with. You have to be ready to lose any money you gamble with and you have to be ready to leave whenever you’re up by a good amount.