Eminem inspireras av Kendrick Lamar och Jay-Z: “I’m just trying to compete with the best…”



I fredags dominerade Eminem och hans nya album “REVIVAL” nyhetsflödet och i samband med releasen gästade Detroit-rapparen sin egen radiostation Shade 45 för en pratstund med programledare och lyssnare. Slim Shady beskrev processen bakom albuminspelningen, samarbetet med Dr. Dre och varför det helt saknades gästande rappare (förutom refrängen av Phresher). Se klippet nedan och utdrag från intervjun.



Om konkurrens och artister som Eminem inspireras av:


“I’m into Kendrick’ music for sure, and Jay is a legend. So I always look to Jay to see what he’s gonna do next. Because it seems like, like he did when he put out 4:44, that everybody followed what he does. He puts out an album, and it seems like everybody follows him. Me, I’m just trying to compete with the best of the best that are out right now, and that doesn’t necessarily mean from my generation, it means from every generation. That’s what I want to compete with.”




Om samarbetet med Dr. Dre inför detta album:


“It’s always the same with me and Dre. Over the years, we’ve really become close friends. I would never look at it any other than that. This album, the last year or so is when things started to connect, and I know Dre was taking a break, and I knew that he had taken some time off, so I couldn’t really hit him up for some beats, so I kind of just kept going with what I was doing and came to him when the album was pretty much almost finished. We had the discussion that if he didn’t do a beat on the album could he at least mix, because he’s not only the best beatmaker in the world, to me, but he’s also the best mixer. Hands down. I don’t know what he does on the boards, like how he does it, because I’ve stolen all his tricks, and I still can’t make it sound like he makes it sound. It’s incredible.”



Om att Dr. Dre hjälpte till i att välja låtar till “REVIVAL”:


“I love to play my stuff for Dre because I’m gonna get an honest reaction every single time. And Dre’s going to tell me if something sucks. He’ll do it in his own way. He’ll be like, ‘Alright, where’s the fun at? I want to hear the fun, where’s the fun at,’ if I play him a bunch of serious tracks. You know, I can tell by his reaction. I actually threw out like three or four songs last time I was in Cali because they didn’t get the reaction from Dre. I know when he’s really into something.”




Om Mr. Porter’s betydelse för “REVIVAL”:


“This is the most that me and Mr. Porter have collaborated on an album since Infinite. He came in and he rounded up the troops. He got Emile (Haynie) and Mark Batson coming together and putting ideas together, as far as what beats to make, and I would take them in the next room and just start writing. Mr. Porter came at a time that I really needed to be fired up. I was making songs, but I don’t know if I was really serious about it.”




Om avsaknaden av gästande rappare på skivan:


“The rap features, actually, there’s a couple things I had in the works that ended up not working out, so I ended up not being able to have any rap features, aside from Phresher doing the hook on ‘Chloraseptic.’ ”