Rebstar släpper debutalbumet “Girls Like Nicole”



Malmö-rapparen Rebstar har ett minst sagt imponerande CV över samarbeten sedan han debuterade några tillbaka;Trey Songz, Boi-1da T-Minus, Drake, The Weeknd, Rich Boy. Efter ett antal mixtape- och singel/videoreleaser äsläppte han i vintras debut-EP:n “You Know Nothing About Love” och idag 3:e juni släpps debutalbumet “Girls Like Nicole”. I våras intervjuade den amerikanska tidskriften Forbes även Rebstar inför ett antal spelningar på SXSW i Austin, där han berättade om sina inspirationskällor som varit bland annat Eminem och 2Pac. I samband med albumreleasen skriver Rebstar via sociala medier:


“we never talk about it.
a friend asked me what i’m going to wear. apparently i’m the man of the hour. and i need to dress accordingly. accessories? i don’t need much, just a tie and my charm.
i had no idea You were going to be there.
we’ve both entertained the thought. and for whatever reason, the stars have aligned themselves. let’s give the universe what it wants. who are we to meddle with fate? this isn’t the first time this is happening. i don’t believe in coincidence.
i can hear your heartbeat. can you feel mine?
as one day bleeds into the next, the past gets foggier and the details even more blurry. maybe i’m overreacting. maybe i’m imagining it. maybe it was an infatuation in passing. maybe i’m…maybe it’s…maybe..
a handfull of maybe’s but with one certainty.
it did happen.
as i sit here, writing about You, doing my utmost to retell it as true as i believe it to be, i’m sure i’ll get some of it wrong. except for one undeniable fact.
i’m consumed by you.
even though i can’t explain it, i know you’ll understand.