Carlings lanserar “Hip Hop Legends”-kollektion med fotografier av Chi Modu



Den skandinaviska klädkedjan Carlings har tagit fram en “Hip Hop Legends”-kollektion med bilder tagna av den amerikanska fotografen Chi Modu. Han har legendstatus för sitt arbete från 1990-talet med foton till tidningen The Source (på Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg bland många fler) och för skivomslag som Mobb Deeps “The Infamous” 1995.


Kollektionen släpps 15:e november och består av sex plagg med prints av bilder som Chi Modu själv tagit av Wu Tang, Snoop Dogg, 2pac, Nas och Ice Cube på 1990-talet. Svep på Instagram-posten nedan för att se vilka butiker där plaggen finns runt om i Sverige, Norge och Finland:





När Kingsize Magazines chefredaktör Tobias Carlsson i torsdags träffade Havoc så noterade Mobb Deep-medlemmen att hans vän och musikerkollega från Queensbridge fanns på Carlings t-shirten med motivet av Nasty Nas från 1992 med orden;


“I really like that shirt…much respect”






Se samtliga plagg nedan med kommentarer av Chi Modu:





“This image was taken on a large format 4×5 camera. I rarely used this camera when photographing rappers because it’s a very slow process that requires my subject to be still and patient. Because Of Tupac’s patience, these very detailed images of him are here forever.”

Atlanta, Georgia 1994 – Chi Modu






“This image of Nas was taken before he released his debut album Illmatic. It’s a young Nas standing in front of the Queensbridge housing project sign where he was raised and still lived at the time.”
Queens, New York City 1992 – Chi Modu






“This image was taken when I went to visit the Wu-Tang Clan in Staten Island. It was my first time out there and didn’t know what to expect. The whole neighborhood came out that day to support their local stars to be. Everyone wanted to be in the pictures with them and were proud to be a supporter of their Wu movement which still stands strong 25 years later.”

Staten Island, New York City 1993 – Chi Modu





“This image is a previously unreleased shot from my Atlanta session with Tupac. Tupac was very relaxed and comfortable that day and allowed me to capture these rarely seen spontaneous moments of him.”

Atlanta, Georgia 1994 – Chi Modu






“Young Snoop a year before his debut album Doggystyle was released. This image wasn’t taken in a photo studio since we didn’t have a budget for that so did this against a white wall in his modest three bedroom apartment.”
Los Angeles, California 1992 – Chi Modu






“I’ve taken many images of Ice Cube over the years. Almost all of them have the same signature Ice Cube stare. He rarely smiles in photographs and somehow a smile doesn’t fit him. This look is the Ice Cube that we all know!”
Los Angeles, California 1995 – Chi Modu