Klart för biopremiär av Kanye West/ Dame Dash-filmen “Honor Up”



Under flera års tid har den forne Roc-A-Fella-bossen Dame Dash arbetat på ett filmprojekt med Cam’ron, Stacey Dash och Murda Mook i några av rollerna. Filmen hade tidigare arbetsnamnet “Too Honorable” men tycks lagom till biopremiären i USA i februari 2018, fått nya titeln “Honor Up”. I en intervju med LA Confidential Magazine beskriver Dash samarbetet med Kanye:


“Kanye is executive producer of a movie I directed called Honor Up. It’s a role reversal for both Kanye and me. Before, I was the administrative guy and he was the creative. Now, I am enjoying being the creative and being showcased from my point of view. Hopefully, Kanye and everyone that trusts Kanye’s opinion will trust his cosign because if he’s cosigning me as a director then the rest of the world should follow. I cosigned him as a producer and rapper and the rest of the world followed. I appreciate that and that was the purpose of making the people I work with powerful—to help me—just like I helped them.”






Se tidigare trailer för filmen nedan: